Bnai Mitzvah @aish

Bnai Mitzvah is a milestone event. To prepare for our child’s Bnai MItvai Aish will provide a tutor to prepare their reading, as well as time with Rabbi T. or Rabbi Rosenthal to prepare a Dvar Torah and a ceremony that works with your family. Anyone having a Bnai Mitzvah at Aish requires enrollment in the “Raising the Bar Program” for 7th and 8th graders.

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Anticipated costs are:
Tutoring fees ($25/hour)
Raising the Bar $613
Bnai Mitzvah fee is $2500.

The Board of Aish HaTorah unanimously passed a resolution to charge a Bnai Mitzvah fee of $2500 to cover actual costs of a Bnai Mitzvah. This fee covers the expense and is not a donation. Aish does not have membership and we rely on “Pay as you go” fee structure and donations to be able to offer our programs.

Thank you.