Our Staff

Rebbetzin Estie Tolwin

Aish Director

Estie Tolwin grew up in Cleveland, OH, where she studied at the Hebrew Academy. 

Rebbetzin Rachel Rosenthal

Rebbetzin Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.

rabbi simcha tolwin

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin

Executive Director

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin studied at Yeshiva Beth Yehuda in Detroit.

rabbi david rosenthal

Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal

Managing Director

Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After wrestling with crocodiles from a young age, he decided to take on something a little more challenging when at the age of 18, he visited Israel. What was meant to be a short stay of 3 months at Aish HaTorah, turned into an extended visit. …