Sunday School

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 Welcome  to Sunday School 2.0!

Enrolling nursery though 6th grade!

Everything has changed! From now on when you think of Sunday school think of a place for your kids to have incredible extracurricular education. From art, to computer coding, drama or video editing...all while learning Jewish subjects.

We have partnered with some of the best after school programs in the city to bring your children hands on learning experiences while they are learning everything important about being Jewish.

You can choose learning Jewish history though Minecraft or the holidays through the arts. It’s learning and experiences.

Currently we have 4-5 course options and as enrollment grows so will the class choices. Our “content” teachers are the same teachers that you have known and loved, and the "method" teachers are going to reinforce the information learned through remarkable hands on experiences.

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1st Semester:  Grades 3-4

Art & Soul

Our Holy Holidays are rediscovered through a hands on experience of learning new art methods and creating pieces that will enhance your Holidays.

An Aish Production -Drama

Be a part of an exciting production of the classic Torah story of  Joseph and his brothers.


1st Semester:  Grades 4-6

The Story of the Jewish People:

Discover our story, while creating it in Mine Craft!

Rabbi T. / Partner: AcceleratorKID



Second Semester: Grades 3-4

Master Chef Aish
Season 1: Shabbat Taught by: Estie Tolwin

Art & Soul
The Kindness Project


Second Semester: Grades 4-6

Master Chef Aish
Season 2

Torah Tube
Create Torah videos while learning video editing.

Rabbi Da-vid / Partner: AcceleratorKID


Sunday Schedule:

9:30 Open Hebrew & Cocoa Club

10am Assembly with Rabbi T

10:20 Class begins

12pm Community lunch



1st semester September 11- December 18th +1 special day

Second Semester January 8th - March 26th +1 special day

Mini Semester April 23- May 21st